Version 2.1

Security solutions represent an investment spanning several years. At the time of their acquisition, it is often difficult to foresee the extent of the changes or developments bound to take place in the corporation and which would involve future requirements in terms of performance, connectivity and service continuity. There is therefore a need to choose technologies that are capable of meeting tomorrow’s challenges right now.

High performance
IPS performance enhanced by 300%
IPSec performance enhanced by 200%

Optimize the way you use your links
Bandwidth optimization by department
Application load balancing
Link consumption policy

Overlapping encrypted networks no longer pose a problem
Encrypted network routing policy (VTI)
Extended and distributed LAN (GRETAP)

Service continuity
High availability of services
Access switch management policy
Unequalled recovery time
Service continuity for virtual private networks

Seamless Security
Simplified mobility management
Compatibility with the native Windows 8 VPN client

Easy administration
A pillar of the philosophy behind Stormshield products

MultiLayer Collaborative Security (MLCS)
Stormshield’s vision
Enhanced Interactive View
Virtual Log Appliance

Many other enhancements
Solutions for Cloud Providers and Operators
DDOS Protection
Modular DHCP management
Compliance with new recommendations by the ANSSI (RGS v2)
Addition of a new language (German) for
New password policy options
Improved visibility
Visibilité améliorée
Many other additions and enhancements