Stormshield SNi40

Industrial systems (OT) are permanently exposed to the threat of external attacks or internal malicious acts. In an industrial setting, the human and environmental risks incurred may be particularly critical – equipment must be available at all times to prevent the potentially significant consequences of production coming to a standstill.


Designed for industry

The Stormshield SNi40 security solution has been specially developed to resist the harsh conditions of industrial environments such as impacts, electromagnetic interference, dust and event extreme temperatures.



Dedicated to operating systems with strict industrial constraints

Impact-free protection

Detect and protect without impacting your industrial activity. This security appliance can be installed easily in industrial environments thanks to a simple setup procedure.

Integrate a product adapted to your environments

The network security product range is adapted to your requirements: in an it hardware format to protect the it network or in an ot hardware format with Stormshield SNi40, an appliance specifically designed to protect PLCs (programmable logic controller).

One-stop administration

With Stormshield Network Security’s global solution, integrate a single software product for a one-stop administration process regardless of the area of activity (OT or IT).

Map your active appliances

Thanks to our visual monitoring tool, view the list of active appliances on your network in real time. This global view of your network provides welcome assistance in the regular management of your system’s inventory.



SNi40 Datasheet SNi40 Brochure