Manage your data on your mobile devices, wherever you are

The Stormshield Data Security data encryption solution has recently been expanded to include Stormshield Data Security For Mobility. Now you can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud in a mobile world without worrying about the security of your data.

Stormshield Data Security For Mobility

  • Easily decrypt any type of encrypted document: e-mail, Word, Excel, PDF, audio and video files, photos and more.
  • Protect your work documents, photos and videos, among others: all your files are stored safely and can only be accessed in the Stormshield Data Security application using a password or strong authentication.
  • Your personal key can be stored directly in the application. It is secured by a password or strong authentication and allows you to access your protected data.
  • The Stormshield Data Security application is available to download from all standard mobile platforms, such as Google Play Store, Apple Store and Enterprise MDM.


Are you an administrator?

  • Administer all your security solutions in complete transparency
  • Integrate data protection simply into the business’s data protection policy: administer the application from the Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility server
  • Define the type of authentication to use
  • Define the strength of the password used to protect the application
  • Decrypt the data in the application using Stormshield Data Security For Cloud, a chip card or a cryptographic USB token
  • The application can be blocked remotely


Explore the true potential of cloud-based collaborative tools in today’s world, in complete safety:

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