SNS Version 3.0




Step into the era of Multi-Layer Collaborative Security

With the new Dynamic Host Reputation feature, it is now possible to adjust a reputation derived from the score of a particular host or the average score of your entire environment thanks to monitoring curves.

When host reputation scores are defined as a filter criterion,  your security policy can be adjusted dynamically and effortlessly. For example, you will be able to prevent hosts with undesirable reputations from accessing parts of your network or the whole network.


Assign a weighting to each type of event and watch how monitoring curves allow you to track reputation scores either by host or by average over your entire environment.


Exclude bad reputation IP addresses directly from your filter policy

Based on feeds from 15 different sources, the ability to determine the reputation of external IP addresses takes you one step closer to Threat Intelligence. Ensure the optimum granularity of your security policy by using one of the 7 reputation categories offered in your filter criteria.


Fine-tune the context of your protection

In addition to resources, users, time and even applications, you can now filter traffic by country or continent as well. Combining these criteria with the reputation of external IP addresses provides your security policy with optimum granularity.




A smooth experience for visiting clients or partners

Previously only accessible through dedicated solutions, with Stormshield Network Security you can now allow users outside your organization’s network to access your resources more easily thanks to Guest mode (sponsorship mode and temporary accounts).



Accommodate your ecosystem in total security

Simplify the management of your organization’s users with multi-domain authentication. Integrate your ecosystem into your network and security policy without overloading your directories.


User Comfort


Unified web interface

Configure, monitor and track your network’s activity more easily through a single web interface. Sit back and watch how seamlessly monitoring information (audit logs, reports, etc) interacts with the appliance configuration.


Monitor activity in real time

With the unified web interface, briskly view your security solution’s real-time monitoring status. Enjoy invaluable decision-making help in a flash with clear overviews of your information system (hosts, users, throughput, connections and QoS) in the form of real-time and historical graphs.


Other Features

TCP/TLS Syslog

  • Transmission of encrypted logs.
    Secure transfer of logs to the cloud.


  • Inclusion of IPFIX/NETFLOW in network analyses (latency, congestion, etc.)

SNMP plugin

  • Filtering by types of SNMP commands and versions
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting of SNMP data (username, community name and IOD)
Object database

  • Used and unused objects
  • Import/export of objects (csv)
  • Faster and more comprehensive display of all objects

100+ functional enhancements


More information in the Release notes, available in your MyStormshield area.


Wait no longer to enjoy all our new features!

Download version 3.0 online (MyStormshield) or from your Stormshield appliance.