Cloud Services

Cloud Services

When it comes to IT security in the Cloud, we help you keep your feet firmly on the ground

The democratization of the Internet has created the ideal environment for migration to the cloud and the advantages (availability, agility and scalability) that come along with it to increase productivity. However, with its infrastructures and outsourced software, the cloud shakes up the long-established methods of protecting information in a corporation. For a CISO, keeping control and track of incoming and outgoing flows can quickly become overwhelming.

What if collaborating securely with confidence in the Cloud has now become possible? With Stormshield, it has and in the simplest way.

Stay in control – all the while benefiting from the advantages offered by the Cloud

The Company has to maintain confidentiality when it comes to sensitive information about its employees and clients – and keep an eye on the integrity of its files and the ways in which they are used. Thanks to the Cloud, the Company has become more agile and flexible. The Cloud allows the Company to create new services aimed at employees, partners and clients more quickly. The scalability of these services goes hand-in-hand with the Company’s growth, without forcing it to regularly or excessively invest in new hardware or human resources.

Secure your infrastructure with Stormshield Network Security for Cloud

In order to allow corporations to deploy a virtual infrastructure in the cloud securely while maintaining full control, the feature-rich quality of Stormshield Network Security solutions can be found in the Stormshield Network Security for Cloud application dedicated to Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure environments.



Monitor network activity with Stormshield Network Cloud Reporting

Without the need for any prior human or hardware investment, you will be able to obtain comprehensive periodic reports with detailed indicators on the activity of your network and users thanks to this turnkey automatic report generation service. Equipped with a synthetic view of events, you can therefore improve and gain full unhindered control over your security.


Take advantage of the latest updates with Stormshield Network Cloud Update

The Cloud Update service automatically updates contextual signatures for the intrusion prevention engine, as well as applications, the vulnerability database, URL filter databases, antivirus signatures, RBL servers and antispam whitelists, for both minor and major versions.

Back up your configurations with Stormshield Network Cloud BackUp

This free service allows you to automatically back up the latest configurations of your Stormshield Network Security appliances in the Stormshield Cloud infrastructure or on one of your servers. In the event of a reinitialization, hardware exchange or error, retrieve and restore an earlier configuration easily.

Protect your data with Stormshield Data Security

Stormshield Data Security ensures that the confidentiality of your projects will be preserved from any internal or external indiscretion. You can be certain of the confidentiality and integrity of your information while taking full advantage of the potential in cloud-based collaboration.


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