Have you had the opportunity to discover our new range of Stormshield Network Security products? Regardless of whether you have already been certified on our older products, it is probably time for you to get trained on our new range and find out all about our new certification program.

The team at Stormshield Network Security offers three new certification programs:

  • CSNA (Certified Stormshield Network Administrator): formerly known as CNA and ACSA
  • CSNE (Certified Stormshield Network Expert): formerly known as CNE and ACSE
  • CSNTS (Certified Stormshield Network Troubleshooting & Support): formerly known as CNEP

 We have also prepared recertification kits that allow you to take Stormshield Network exams from wherever you are, without having to physically attend our training sessions. These kits are free of charge for those who have obtained their Netasq certifications after January 1st 2014.

These new certifications are valid for 3 years. Please also note that all persons who have been certified Netasq V9 will continue to have access to Network technical support until the release of Stormshield Network Security version 2.0.

Wait no longer and go on to the next step! Get in touch with our training team in order to upgrade your engineers’ certification with our new Stormshield Network Security range.

This Certification Program is closely linked to the Partner Connect Program. CSNE Certification provides access to the Gold level. CSNTS Certifcations opens all benefits of Platinum level.

Contact: training@stormshield.eu