Don’t panic, Stormshield has your back!

Most vendors have been pitching the same story: try to keep it out with an anti-virus, train your users, back up your files.

But what if you could disable malware before it ever had a chance to touch your files? What if ransomware couldn’t “see” your files at all? There is a new and unique approach to ransomware defense that does exactly that: it’s called Extension Whitelisting, and it is a key component of Stormshield Endpoint Security.

The concept is simple: the solution focuses on the relationship between extensions and applications. Only an authorized application can access file extensions that are being targeted by the ransomware. For example, only Microsoft Office applications can access Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. As a result, ransomware applications are not given any access to these files.

The general consensus of the security community is that it is not feasible to shut ransomware out of a system 100% of the time. The question that remains is really – if ransomware is going to get in, how can we keep it from actually doing any damage? Extension Whitelisting is the simple and effective answer, and as far as we can tell, no other vendor is taking this approach. Because it’s not good cybersecurity practice to include links in e-mails.

We would be very interested in providing you more information on this approach.



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