Netasq Range

With over 80,000 unified threat management firewalls deployed to business, government and defence organisations of all sizes, Netasq delivers solutions of unrivalled performance, protection and control and the most comprehensive EU and NATO certifications of any firewall. Netasq’s founding vision was the realization that winning the attack / prevention race would require technology capable of intelligent, thorough analysis of traffic in real time. Only with such an approach is it possible to pre-empt new attacks before they surface.

Multifunction Firewalls

Netasq has developed a comprehensive range of network security solutions. Combining multiple layers of protection without compromising on performance, Netasq firewalls address the security needs of companies of all sizes.

The latest models of Netasq application firewalls embed all the protection technologies usually reserved for large corporations and military organizations.
» U Series S Models Datasheet

Large corporations
The NG1000-A and NG5000-A appliances are designed to adapt to the high-bandwidth, mission-critical environments of large corporations. They can be used to secure broadband internet access, or as analysis and traffic protection probes.
» NG Series Datasheet

Virtual Appliances

While virtualization offers many advantages such as increased efficiency and savings, the security threats it involves are just as prevalent and potentially damaging as those affecting physical environments. To mitigate these risks, Netasq has developed a full range of virtual firewalls, catering to the needs of any business, regardless of size or industry.

Virtual Appliances for SMEs
To stay competitive, SMEs must keep IT infrastructure costs as low as possible. This often means compromising performance, protection or control. Netasq makes it possible for SMEs to benefit from security features usually reserved for large corporations, without the cost of the equipment. Paying only for what you use guarantees an unbeatable return on investment.
» V50, V100, V200 & V500 Datasheet

Virtual Appliances for Datacenters
Datacenters that host cloud infrastructures require the highest levels of performance, protection and control. Netasq’s range of unlimited virtual appliances delivers this without breaking the bank.
» VU Unlimited Datasheet

Virtual Appliances for Server Farms
Developed specifically for the protection of server farms, the VS5 and VS10 models adapt perfectly to the demanding environment of cloud hosted services.
» VS5 & VS10 Datasheet