Fast360 Range

Today’s news is filled with stories of pirating attempts and no one seems to be immune from these attacks: governments, banks, energy providers, telecommunications, aerospace, etc. No matter the nature of the organization,  sensitive or not, all have something which can provoke the interest of potential pirates. Whether their motivations are purely financial or more strategic, they seek your most precious assets: industrial secrets, client files, business secrets, etc. For the victims, remediation is costly and goes beyond a simple technical purge: From loss of clientele to serious loss of reputation, the direct and indirect consequences can be disastrous.

The FAST filter engine is an application and protocol control technology which is ANSSI-qualified at the standard level. With its contextual detection module, FAST protects your network against the most complex attacks. To keep security rational, the Fast360 appliances also contain numerous specialized services: IPsec VPN, VLAN, anti-virus, anti-spam, URL filtering, SSL, etc.

Available in physical and virtual versions, these tools can handle your organization’s highest data flow-rates and are perfectly suited for new applications, SaaS hosting and user mobility. To ensure easy integration into your infrastructure, Arkoon+Netasq has designed the Arkoon Management Center. This ergonomic and flexible platform facilitates the implementation of your company policies and allows you to concentrate on the important thing: designing your security plan.

Benefits :

  • An IPS capable of protecting you against the most sophisticated network attacks
  • Tools which combine all the security services you need and support the highest flow-rates:
    • IPsec VPN
    • Antivirus
    • Antispam
    • URL filtering
    • Applicative analysis
    • Firewall identity
    • VLAN
  • • An administration platform suitable for all types of infrastructures, with the ability to manage  thousands of appliances
  • • Recognized, trusted solutions, ANSSI-qualified at the EAL3+ level