Proactively protect the core of your network
Intrusion prevention. Immediate threat detection. Real-time protection from vulnerabilities. Global view of network activity.

Stormshield Network Security multifunction firewalls boast a set of proactive security modules. As they are constantly being developed, these modules are able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding organizations. Stormshield Network Security’s intrusion prevention system (IPS) consolidates a rich palette of technologies and is the fruit of more than 15 years of research and expertise with the sole aim of offering an exceptional level of protection.

Security in total flexibility
UTM. Comprehensive solution. A wealth of features.

Embedding vital features (antivirus, antispam, Quality of Service, high availability, URL filtering, etc) means that you benefit from a comprehensive security appliance that adapts to your needs. With UTM (Unified Threat Management), the all-in-one appliance guarantees optimum protection for an unbeatable return on investment (ROI).

Performance that only keeps improving
Increased productivity. Rapid processing of traffic. Seamlessness for users.

The constant optimization of the software version enables appliances to keep performing better. You will notice an immediate improvement in the speed of your firewall, antivirus, and even IPSec VPN processes without the need to upgrade your hardware.

Be productive from wherever you are
Service continuity. Access to corporate resources. Management of unreferenced devices on the network (BYOD).

With the multiplication of terminals (smartphones, tablets, etc), work modes (telecommuting) and branch offices, your employees need to access your professional network and other corporate resources easily, quickly and at any time. Private tunnels make it possible to set up secure connections for your collaborators to exchange data no matter where they are.

Advanced protection of cloud-based Amazon Web Service environments

Virtualized environments in public or private clouds require the same advanced protection from threats as the protection that would be expected for physical servers.

With the Stormshield Network Security for Cloud application, Amazon Web Services (AWS) clients can now ensure and be in control of the security of their cloud-based environments. All the multilevel security features that have contributed to the success of Stormshield products are available in this dedicated application.

Intuitive and user-friendly administration interface
Multi-object management. Drag & drop administration.

The simplest and most intuitive management interface ever developed, the object-oriented web interface and step-by-step wizards guide you throughout the entire configuration process. By hiding what is unnecessarily complex, the risks of letting a security flaw fall through the cracks due to configuration errors are considerably low. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it allows saving a tremendous amount of time during the administration, operation and tracking of your security policy.

Decision-making Assistance
Management and monitoring of your security policy Decision-making assistance.

In order to constantly improve the clarity of your security strategy, the Stormshield software suite offers you the possibility of managing the firewall, analyzing events and applying the security policy.
By creating your own reports, you will obtain clear and relevant information in real time that will shape your decision-making process.