Arkoon, a trusted computer security solution provider, is helping the Air Liquide Welding Group to create its own completely new, remote maintenance service called “ESERVICES by Air Liquide Welding”.

ESERVICES by Air Liquide Welding is a set of services supplementing industrial welding/cutting machines for automatic applications manufactured by Air Liquide Welding. These services provide remote assistance for complex operations which previously required on-site technician intervention: diagnostics, assistance with production and  training.

Considering the nature of its clients, who are often engaged in sensitive and/or strategic industries, Air Liquide Welding has always maintained a security-oriented philosophy. In this context, creation of a remote access service, such as ESERVICES by Air Liquide Welding, could not be implemented without the installation of a highly-secure infrastructure capable of ensuring the confidentiality of high-volume data-flow.

These requirements are  why Arkoon solutions were chosen.

Each cutting/welding machine can now be equipped with a monitoring camera and a Fast 360 termination appliance. The latter connects by VPN to the Fast 360 central hardware in the Air Liquide Welding infrastructure and, thanks to its antivirus/fire-wall/IPS features, ensures the security of remote interventions conducted by Air Liquide Welding technicians.

Finally, Arkoon SmartConnect VPN technology completes this tool-kit. Even in mobile situations, the Air Liquide Welding experts now have the ability to connect securely to their clients’ machines.

The installation of Arkoon solutions is beneficial to Air Liquide Welding’s clientele because the new remote-maintenance solution can be used to perform remote verifications and diagnostics without the physical need of a technician.

For the client, production assistance services, created by Air Liquide Welding for the Air Liquide Welding ESERVICES project, increases the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Thanks to a detailed analysis of the machine usage, Air Liquide Welding provides optimization solutions which reduce costs as well as losses.

Philippe Blondeau, an Air Liquide Welding Project Manager, explains: “The Arkoon Group was able to combine the features we needed to launch our new service.

First, the Fast360 appliances provide high level security, proven by actual testing: the EAL3+ qualification delivered by the Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI).

Next, this technical solution features a simple administration system and is adapted to the management of numerous machines installations that we carry out at our client’s sites.