Several million Americans have fallen victim to the theft of their banking data since the spread of the Backoff malware. Stormshield Endpoint Security confirms its technological superiority and its proven effectiveness by proactively blocking this online virus. 

Backoff: a Trojan in point-of-sale terminals

Payment fraud has been growing at a steady rate. A crucial point in credit card payment systems, the terminal has become the favorite target of hackers across the Atlantic, who – thanks to Backoff – infiltrate point-of-sale systems in order to steal clients’ credit card and bank details.

This undetectable malware program can be deployed by targeting and attacking remote access. Once such access is detected, it is installed in such a way that it communicates with remote servers and exfiltrates sensitive data.

Recognized experience in protecting point-of-sale and built-in systems

Stormshield Endpoint Security implements a unique technology for protecting the system and provides an adapted and proven response to targeted attacks and APTs, even those that are currently unknown. In just a single agent, it embeds all the security services required for protecting and monitoring payment terminals without the need for any signature or update in order to enjoy real security from new threats.