Our solution Stormshield Endpoint Security has once again proven its effectiveness to one of our clients, a major player in insurance/healthcare in Europe who recently braved an attack aimed at its head office and subsidiaries. In total, the malware CryptoLocker targeted more than 7000 machines.

Cryptolocker is part of the ransomware family: it appears in the form of malicious code that prevents the system from running while encrypting some sensitive data. In order to unblock the system and its files, the user would need to pay a “ransom”.

Stormshield Endpoint Security has proactively blocked a variant of this malware, which is able to pass through antivirus scans.

As the company owned several Windows XP workstations that could not be migrated to a later version of the OS, it chose the Stormshield Endpoint Security solution to protect machines that were no longer covered by security fixes. Thanks to our solution, our client has also spared itself from the loss of a great deal of ultra sensitive data.