The Arkoon Network Security StormShield security suite proactively blocks the latest Adobe Reader vulnerability (without any product updates).  This vulnerability was quickly and actively exploited by attackers before the software provider even knew about the problem.

The threat was unknown. There were no antiviral products capable of blocking it. The entire world was open to potential victimization, even with up-to-date antivirus software.

Is there any way to prevent these attacks? YES!

Just as with other recent vulnerabilities (Internet Explorer or Java for example), clients who use StormShield are protected from this type of vulnerability even when a security patch does not exist. The secret lies in the unique HIPS technology, able to recognize and stop unknown attacks including those able to evade the security of other more traditional security products.

In addition to behavioral protection, the StormShield security suite also provides peripheral control, data encoding, application control, firewall, conformity control, wireless access control, etc. StormShield protection software acts directly without relying on anti-viral signature database. As a result, users are not dependent on upgrades to the solution which protects them with complete transparency.

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