As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. A security alert published on Friday by Microsoft revealed the existence of a critical flaw in Internet Explorer that has still not been fixed. A patch has of course been scheduled for various versions of Windows – except for Windows XP. This will be the first vulnerability for the XP OS that will not be fixed by Microsoft .

While the flaw affects all versions of Internet Explorer and even though a solution will obviously be offered in the coming days for versions other than XP, nothing will be done for XP. This vulnerability is actively being exploited in cyberspace by experienced hackers. Other cyber-criminal teams will be looking for as much information as possible on this vulnerability in order to exploit it themselves, knowing that workstations running on Windows XP will not be able to protect themselves from it.

ExtendedXP and StormShield protect Windows XP PCs with this vulnerability from attempts to exploit it – without the Microsoft patches . ExtendedXP is a security solution designed to replace the lack of patches for Window XP by keeping XP workstations secure.