Arkoon+Netasq has announced the release of version 7.1 of its StormShield software suite. The purpose of this version is to strengthen security features through a base that can be adapted to various infrastructures. The main enhancement of this new version resides in the full integration of Active Directory, allowing enterprises to more easily manage agents installed on workstations and the security policies to be applied. If a business does not have an Active Directory listing all the various workstations in the infrastructure, it can still use an internal directory.

All these improvements make it possible to operate StormShield with greater comfort. It becomes much easier, for example, to access logs (by computer, organizational unit or domain) from an object in Active Directory. StormShield’s server architecture has been globally simplified and reorganized in order to be more scalable. This new software organization allows managing a larger number of agents per server so that it can more easily set up load balancing.

Other enhancements have been made to StormShield, in particular relating to the encryption of files and removable peripheral devices, as well as agents’ enrolment of removable peripheral devices.