StormShield, Arkoon’s flagship solution for protection from targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats as a result of fully securing the workstation, has been further enriched with numerous particularly innovative features.

Thanks to an overall optimization of StormShield features, large-scale deployments are made easy, in particular on installations of more than 100,000 workstations.

A closer integration of Active Directory in the solution now allows relying on the existing structure of the corporate information system in a fully seamless manner.

By implementing a new object-oriented approach, StormShield enables the sharper definition of security policies and allows making these policies more efficient at the lowest cost. The administrator can now deploy, intuitively and from a central position, categories of security policies in a single click.

Furthermore, thanks to significantly enhanced client-server communications, StormShield is now capable of managing up to 20,000 agents per server, four times more than its capacity until now.

Our security watch teams, always on the alert for new threats and the most recent vulnerability exploitation methods, allow us to offer the most efficient HIPS engine on the market.

François Lavaste, CEO of NETASQ and Arkoon declared “StormShield, a solution that has been recognized for its excellence in the battle against advanced persistent threats and targeted attacks, is what our clients consider essential for their protection in a deployment over hundreds of thousands of workstations. In order for us to continue guaranteeing that they will be protected in real time from attacks that keep multiplying and getting more sophisticated, we need to maintain our innovation policy. I would like to encourage all those for whom the protection of their sensitive information and data is a priority to get to know and test this truly unique solution.”