Visibility Center

Switch to 360-degree vision now

Monitoring can only be effective when it covers all facets of your information system – networks, endpoints, servers, data – nothing should ever be able to slip into a blind spot.

Stormshield Visibility Center is a turnkey solution that offers a unified presentation of security events originating from all of our product ranges. What you get is an overview of how secure your infrastructure and data are.

Security Monitoring Tool benefits

  • Comprehensive monitoring of your information system
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Customizable features
  • Enhanced security thanks to MLCS

Intuitive and customizable

Analyzing security events is a complex and time-consuming task. The intuitive visualizations you will find in Stormshield Visibility Center enable you to quickly identify significant events and security incidents.


A collaborative project

The evolution of Stormshield Visibility Center takes on a collaborative approach. We encourage you to take part in this project and help shape this new product, by combining development efforts with feedback drawn from your experience.

Through our exchange platform, learn from tutorials and previews, and stay informed when new features are released.

Play a decisive part in the project by sharing your comments and suggestions for improvement. To contact us, get in touch with your sales or pre-sales representative.