Goal: simplify the user process during encryption in the Cloud and on mobile devices


Stormshield, a major European player in the cybersecurity market, is continuing to develop its data protection solution for mobile devices and the Cloud with the new Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility version 1.2.

Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility is a multi-platform, multi-device (PC, servers, smartphones), and multi-format (SaaS applications, file servers, messaging, USB drives, etc.) solution that allows documents to be sent and received safely and easily with a maximum level of security no matter what device is being used.

The new features offered are part of the Multi Layer Collaborative Security concept developed by Stormshield:


The creation of a specific dashboard for complete data exchange visibility

As with all Stormshield products, all security events originating in Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility can now be exported and centralized in the new Stormshield reporting platform (Stormshield Visibility Center).

Dashboards and specific indicators allow the types of media and documents used to be easily viewed and make it possible to identify which platform is being used to share them, who is sharing them, and from what device. The overview of users is an interesting source of information that can be used to identify inactive employees and alert them or to revise the number of licenses acquired by applications in view of their actual use.


New features to minimize risks to data

The solution provides companies with improved usage visibility so as to anticipate risks. Administrators have a detailed view by user through individual descriptions of all the equipment used and the data consulting log by device. Analysis of this information makes it possible to (eventually) block an application on a specific device.

The implementation of a learning mechanism for smartphone encryption helps reduce risk as well. Based on the exchanges carried out, Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility memorizes contacts and submits this log to the user during encryption. This way, the employee can exchange protected documents with identified third parties.

The solution also includes Dropbox APIs so as to make it possible to centrally define secured collaborative spaces on the tool.

Lastly, version 1.2 has been equipped with a biometric authentication feature to spare smartphone users from having to retype their passwords. This feature is compatible with iOS and can now be accessed on Android.




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Stormshield offers innovative end-to-end security solutions to protect networks (Stormshield Network Security), terminals (Stormshield Endpoint Security), and data (Stormshield Data Security). Certified at the highest European level (EU RESTRICTED, NATO, and ANSSI EAL4+), these reliable, next-generation solutions ensure the protection of strategic information. They are deployed through a network of distribution partners, integrators, and operators in companies of all sizes, government institutions, and defense organizations throughout the world.


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