Published by Alliancy le mag du numérique et business, the cybersecurity guide has compiled a list of the Top 50 cybersecurity players to be watched, in which Stormshield appears.

Apart from ranking the pacesetters of cybersecurity, this guide also aims to provide corporate leaders with points for consideration so that they can take concrete action with regard to the protection of their corporations.

Particular emphasis is placed on managers’ guidance in the various specialized fields of security including both of Stormshield’s areas of expertise – network and infrastructure security (with its range of SNS products), and application and data security (SDS and SES ranges).

Furthermore, the guide contains six expert analyses, one of which is by Pierre Calais, Stormshield’s CEO, going over the indispensable role of the CISO in keeping up with the challenges that corporations face. In it, he also sets out his vision of a more collaborative approach to security.

The analyses cover a variety of technical or organizational topics that range from tracking the corporation’s vulnerabilities to digital hostage situations, as well as the need for the transversal deployment of security throughout every department in the corporation.

Experts would like to remind us all that cybersecurity remains an issue at the heart of the corporation, affecting each and every user and cited the recent cyberattacks on TV5 Monde, The New York Times and even the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry to drive home the point with corporate leaders.
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