Arkoon Netasq, a subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space and a key player in the cyber security market, has released version 9.1 of Stormshield Data Security, its software suite dedicated to data protection. This new version now allows users to exchange email messages securely on the cloud, to protect their data on tablets on the move and to take advantage of the latest trends in technology like working on the move or collaboratively.

The increased adoption of tablets and smartphones and the use of applications in the cloud have revolutionised the way professionals are working today. All organisations are impacted by these developments, which is why they must guarantee confidentiality and data protection while exploiting the collaborative potential unlocked by the cloud.

As an answer to these new requirements, version 9.1 of the Stormshield Data Security suite enables users on the move to benefit from data protection on tablets running on Windows. It provides security for the exchange of mails via Outlook, whether the program is connected to an on-site server, a server running on the cloud, or is linked to the Microsoft Office 365 platform. Alongside numerous improvements to user-friendliness, the new solution boasts a functionality that helps to handle multiple cryptographic devices and gives users relying on chip-card-based systems the possibility to easily switch between different systems or to work in heterogeneous mode.

As a certified EAL3+/OTAN solution, Stormshield Data Security is now compatible with the latest Microsoft systems and helps companies that are constantly evolving to set up perfectly safe collaborative environments.