Efficient reporting functions for optimum workstation, server and terminal management


Paris, 10 December 2015 – Arkoon Netasq, a key player on the European cybersecurity market, is launching new reporting features as part of its “Stormshield Endpoint Security” workstation, server and terminal protection solution, in order to immediately detect any security incident or malfunction that may occur.


An optimised dashboard

Stormshield Endpoint Security features a secured management console that means all of the agents can be examined, analysed and managed from a centralised interface. To make managing agents easier and to optimise the security of the fleet installed, Arkoon Netasq has improved the dashboard, which is accessible from the homepage, by adding a set of graphics that can be interpreted and configured directly. Administrators can thus check and monitor their agents’ status in real time.

This dashboard provides an overview of all the devices and – if and when any suspicious activity is detected – enables administrators to immediately take the necessary action.

“This new dashboard means users can identify abnormal activity at a glance, inform others of such activity in real time and take corrective action,” explains Edouard Viot, Product Manager at Arkoon Netasq.

A simplified and more visual log management tool

Arkoon Netasq has also developed its log management tool. To this end, the company integrated new ergonomic aspects to both guide administrators and enable them to carry out their investigations more easily if and when any threats or malicious acts are detected.

Arkoon Netasq modified the log filtering mechanism so that these threats can be identified more quickly.  Separate filtering processes have been implemented to make it easier for companies to carry out investigations based on their needs: filtering processes simplified by means of keywords for carrying out an extensive investigation, and advanced filtering processes for a more detailed view (date, service, etc.).

“Nowadays, the speed at which IT executives intervene and respond is crucial. Efficient and easy-to-use reporting tools help to reduce the time needed for decision-making. Stormshield Endpoint Security’s new features respond to these needs precisely,” adds Mr Viot.


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Arkoon Netasq runs the Stormshield brand and offers innovative end-to-end security solutions worldwide to protect networks (Stormshield Network Security), workstations (Stormshield Endpoint Security) and data (Stormshield Data Security). These next-generation trusted solutions are certified to the highest European standards (EU RESTRICTED, NATO and ANSSI EAL4+), ensure the protection of strategic information and are deployed via a network of distribution partners, integrators and operators in businesses of all sizes, government institutions and defence organisations across the globe.


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