SDS Connector enables business applications to control the encryption features of the new version of Stormshield Data Security to protect sensitive data and how it is handled.

Paris, February 4, 2016 – As part of the launch of Version 9.1.1 of “Stormshield Data Security”, a data protection solution, Stormshield, a key player on the European cybersecurity market, is unveiling SD Connector, an API integrated in Stormshield Data Security that enables external applications to integrate Stormshield Data Security’s encryption capabilities and thus to provide business data with an extra protective layer in complete transparency.

A New Approach to Encryption in Companies
As workers become increasingly mobile while using multiple devices, and as infrastructures are outsourcing more and more, it seems essential to protect sensitive data integrated by business applications, which form the basis of a company’s value chain. Designed to reduce the risks of improper handling, Stormshield Data Connector enables external applications to control business data encryption and thereby ensure its confidentiality.

This interface allows users to consolidate the security of a company’s workflows by providing an additional data protection layer beyond what is initially included in the B2B application. Rolled out on a massive scale on all user workstations, these encryption features adapt to each client’s environment. No confidential data is transmitted without being encrypted – regardless of how the company’s infrastructure is configured.

For Greater Transparency and Ease of Use
SD Connector integrates transparently into business applications through APIs natively integrated into Windows, .Net, C# and Powershell environments. It responds to the constraints of companies that want data encryption to be contextualized, the application of security rules to be automated, single-point solution administration and a response to the legal constraints.

SD Connector not only facilitates the adoption and use of security solutions, but also administration of the same too.