“Cybersecurity is a major strategic issue”. Based on French PM Jean-Marc Ayrault latest statement, French government decides to accelerate developments in the IT security field to actively confront the increasing number and importance of cyber threats. Date encryption is one critical focus area for JM Ayrault expresses wishes that “national email suppliers provide offers with encryption, and that messages are processed by infrastructures located on the national territory”.

French security suppliers are currently not able to offer an exhaustive response to this particular data threat. To ensure data safety, emails need to be encrypted at the endpoint so that only encrypted messages are sent to external servers. SecurityBox Mail is a trusted solution, already widely deployed in major French national infrastructures, that is able to provide such a 360° protection. The application is part of modular suite SecurityBox, a solution developed by Arkoon-Netasq and designed to protect sensitive data (mails, files, servers, Sharepoint environments, etc.).