Arkoon, one of the key players in the field of end-to-end security solutions, including network, communication, data and work-station protection, partners with the Michelin Group to secure the latter’s IT infrastructure.

A market leader, the Michelin Group has always placed innovation at the heart of its business model in order to maintain its solid technological edge. In this context, the security of sensitive data is a vital area to be developed in partnership with a trustworthy supplier.

For this reason, the group opted to rely on a unique encryption solution to secure its data. In addition to ensuring significant security guarantees, the solution had to fit perfectly with the existing devices. Indeed, since 2002 Michelin has been investing in the installation of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) including a deployment of smartcards throughout the company.

During the study of the various solutions available, the Arkoon SecurityBox product prevailed as the obvious choice based on its utility and ease of integration. SecurityBox was deemed to be capable of being incorporated into the Michelin work environment while providing a very high security level.

Marc Valli, a Michelin Project Manager, said: “SecurityBox allows Michelin to strengthen its corporate culture around the protection of its know-how and its technological innovations. Each user has a simple data encryption method.

With SecurityBox Team, each project manager is able to define a common secure space for his own work group. SecurityBox then ensures the integrity of that space by allowing the members of that group to only have access to sensitive data from the local network through their normal tools.”

The Arkoon SecurityBox solution therefore secures the group’s data on a global level within the various Michelin entities.

The integration of SecurityBox within the existing infrastructure is transparent and the Michelin PKI renewed keys are stored on the smartcards. SecurityBox knows how to manage the users’ keys life cycles. Similarly, updating of the solution is performed using Michelin’s standard deployment tools.

Marc Valli said: “The close collaboration between the Arkoon and Michelin teams was the key factor in the successful deployment of the solution. The use of SecurityBox, coupled with the smartcard solution, has enabled us to ensure the confidentiality of our key data securely.”