Everyone’s talking about it – TrueCrypt seems to have been abandoned as of Wednesday May 28th. On its website, visitors are advised against downloading TrueCrypt as it is no longer considered secure. Briefly, the website explains how to use Bitlocker by Microsoft to substitute Truecrypt. Many articles have been written about this over the internet, and some people are of the impression that a very significant vulnerability was detected in the program, while others hint at a legal claim by the American government.

The ANSSI (French Network and Information Security Agency) has commented on it here and recommends 5 products for a migration, including two Arkoon-Netasq products: SecurityBox and StormShield.

Arkoon+Netasq software solutions set themselves apart thanks to their Common Criteria EAL standard certifications and are not stopping at just a first-level basic certification. The SecurityBox solution is Common Criteria EAL 3+ certified and the StormShield solution is in the process of being certified. ANSSI’s standard qualification adds another advantage to the Common Criteria EAL 3+ certification – trust. The Common Criteria aspect attests to the fact that the best security and cryptographic practices are observed during the design of the software, thereby preventing the discovery of major vulnerabilities in the product. However, ANSSI goes even further by evaluating the trust placed in the product and in the company offering the product. It is worth noting that during these certification processes, solutions are audited to prove that they do not harbor backdoors. As these audits are conducted by independent firms, impartiality is ensured.

Surface encryption on the Stormshield solution provides many additional features that allow better deployment, administration and recovery. All these functions are centralized in a single tool and allow the administration of the solution simply and remotely.

The creation of encrypted volume on the SecurityBox Disk solution enables the inclusion of additional case figures. SecurityBox allows collaborative encryption between concurrent users on a file server, as well as secure collaboration by e-mail, etc. Since all these features are administered from a single administration tool, data recovery can also be managed.

Arkoon+Netasq offers TrueCrypt users help by analyzing the use of the solution and providing its expertise in setting up trusted encryption tools for businesses. Our professional services will guide businesses through the migration of encrypted TrueCrypt data to our solutions.