Data Protection

How can you guarantee the confidentiality of your business data when mobility is part of our daily lives? How can you protect yourself from outside interception or internal indiscretion?

Stormshield Data Security – Enterprise

Control your data…

Stormshield Data Security Enterprise is a transparent solution that integrates into your usual communications tools to help your business teams create secure environments for collaborative working, regardless of the media (e-mail, USB sticks, etc.), terminals (work station, mobile or tablet) or applications (collaborative, intranet, network sharing, etc.) used.

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For Cloud

Wherever you are…

Stormshield Data Security for Cloud is an easy-to-deploy solution that integrates effortlessly into all cloud-based storage platforms, such as Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Sharepoint, Google Apps for Business, Dropbox and more.

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For Mobility

From whichever device you choose…

In just a couple of clicks you can store, decrypt (AES 256-bits), view and delete documents that have been shared and exchanged on any kind of platform using any kind of sharing mechanism (e-mail, local storage, synchronisation tools, etc.).

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Stormshield Data Security is EAL3+ certified and qualified by ANSSI and NATO to protect information classified as “restricted”.

With Stormshield Data Security, your sensitive information is protected from end to end – when it is created, modified or transferred.

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