The StormShield Security Suite from the Arkoon Network Security group confirms again its advanced technology by proactively blocking (without any product updates) the latest identified vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer. This Microsoft vulnerability (CVE-2012-4969) has still not been corrected or patched and affects Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, 8 and 9. There are documented cases where it has been exploited by targeted attacks against critical US infrastructures. This flaw allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code and take control of the compromised machine and then to infect other networked computers and/or to steal sensitive data.
As in past similar IE vulnerabilities, customers using StormShield are protected against this vulnerability when there is no security patch available from Microsoft by using a unique multi-layer behavioral protection methodology.

StormShield offers multiple layers of protection on the endpoint using a unique and modular security solution. StormShield is the first intelligent solution based on behavioral analysis for the device control, encryption of data, application control, HIPS, firewall, wireless and Network Access Control (NAC). StormShield provides immediate protection in real time against any kind of attacks without using any antivirus signatures/reputation. StormShield users are not dependent on waiting for a patch update or vulnerability fix to be safe from a vulnerability in IE or any other application to be safe.