Come and meet with us from 26th to 28th April 2015 in Dubai
Stand No. F10

Paris, 13th April 2015 – Stormshield (Arkoon Netasq), a key player on the cybersecurity market has announced that it will be exhibiting at GISEC 2015 in Dubai from 26th to 28th April.

For the third edition of GISEC, Stormshield will be speaking at the workshop on:

“Cyber-security challenges facing public bodies and administrations”

Nowadays, public bodies and administrations have modernised their organisations and adopted a digital strategy so as to improve their operational efficiency. However, e-governance must go hand-in-hand with an awareness of cyber security issues. It is essential to build a structured and coherent security system with trusted solutions in order to enable public organisations to deal with increasingly sophisticated targeted threats that are difficult to detect and to enable them to protect their information and user data.

Arkoon Netasq runs the Stormshield brand and proposes end-to-end, innovative solutions  both in France and worldwide, that are certified at the highest level in Europe, (EU RESTRICTED, NATO and ANSSI EAL4+) to protect networks, terminals and data. These trusted solutions have already been rolled out in businesses of all sizes and government institutions and defence organizations worldwide.

During GISEC 2015, Stormshield will be raising awareness about the concept of “Multi-layer Collaborative Security” amongst state owned and private corporations. This holistic model, based on active collaboration between the security engines of the various Stormshield solutions, provides new-generation protection against increasingly sophisticated cyber-threats that effortlessly bypass conventional security technologies. This is a new approach that marks the future of in-depth defence of information systems.

Stormshield will also present its solutions on its stand – special focus on data protection – to clients whose lines of business have been clearly identified as targets for attacks in the Middle East: banks, public administrations, the oil sector, etc.