The agents Computrace, developed by Absolute, and LoJack are anti-theft technologies that allow multiple actions to be performed such as securing the data of a remote deployment, tracking stolen computers and recovering files.

These agents are present in the BIOS of more than 2 million PCs worldwide, and in most cases, would have been installed voluntarily by vendors. The use of such agents has been the subject of controversy as these same agents may be used to spy on you without your knowledge. What is worse is a recent discovery by Kaspersky which revealed that several flaws in the Computrace agent could allow malicious users to remotely gain control over the computer on which it is installed.

It is difficult to disable these agents and flashing the BIOS is also not enough to remove them. This security flaw affects PCs most of all and potentially, devices running on Android. Apple workstations are apparently not exposed to this vulnerability.

Arkoon+Netasq’s security appliances allow detecting the presence of Computrace and LoJack agents in two ways. An IPS signature on Arkoon FAST360 and Netasq appliances identifies outgoing connections established by these agents and you will be alerted when this happens. Thanks to NVM, their unique vulnerability detection technology, Netasq appliances can identify in real time machines on the network on which these highly controversial antitheft agents have been enabled.