February 14-17, 2017

Booth #1021 – South Hall

Paris, February 6, 2017 – Stormshield, a leader in the cybersecurity market, will be exhibiting at the RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco (Moscone Center) from February 14 to 17.

Each day, the company will run demonstrations at its booth to illustrate solutions to two major problems faced by its clients:

Proactive protection against ransomware

Cerber, Petya, CryptoLocker, TeslaCryp, Koolova, Popcorn… For many months, several waves of increasingly virulent ransomware have swept over the IT world. These increasingly sophisticated malware programs are likely to put numerous companies’ security policies to the test again this year. This is why IT managers need to make sure their security systems are correctly deployed with routine configuration checks and a scrupulously implemented data backup plan.

 With its proactive, malicious behavior prevention technology, Stormshield Endpoint Security blocks ransomware even before it is identified as such by the cybersecurity community. This proactive protection prevents malware from running on a computer and/or exploiting the endpoint’s vulnerabilities.

Cloud data protection

The migration of applications and data to the Cloud is enabling companies to develop remote working and collaborative exchanges while ensuring employees instantaneous access to information. Companies are increasing their productivity this way, but they unfortunately find themselves more exposed to cyberthreats.

From external interception and data loss to attacks or malware, data leaks seem inevitable these days, and these leaks can have a direct impact on a company’s reputation. Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility enables companies and organizations to stay in control of their sensitive information while reaping the benefits of mobility and collaboration in the Cloud. SDS Cloud & Mobility completes the Stormshield Data Security product range. Multi-platform (Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, etc.), multi-device (PCs, servers, smartphones), and multi-format (SaaS applications, file servers, messaging, USB drives, etc.), this solution gives companies a maximum level of security while documents are exchanged and stored on Cloud or mobile platforms. Thanks to the main collaborative platforms being integrated into the APIs, Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility’s use is transparent for users.

In addition to the demos, the RSA Conference will also give Stormshield the opportunity to reaffirm its unique positioning with its innovative approach to security based on the concept of Multi-layer Collaborative Security. Indeed, Stormshield is also a long-standing European leader in network protection. With its Stormshield Network Security product range and its next-generation firewalls, Stormshield responds to companies’ network security issues in critical environments such as the Cloud, Mobility, Wi-Fi, and industrial environments with strict technical constraints. The active collaboration among its different security solutions guarantees proactive, reliable, and comprehensive security. The combination of these three major areas of expertise makes it possible to counter any and all possible attacks, regardless of their point of entry.

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A propos de Stormshieldwww.stormshield.eu

Stormshield propose des solutions de sécurité de bout-en-bout innovantes pour protéger les réseaux (Stormshield Network Security), les terminaux (Stormshield Endpoint Security) et les données (Stormshield Data Security). Ces solutions de confiance de nouvelle génération, certifiées au plus haut niveau européen  (EU RESTRICTED, OTAN et ANSSI EAL4+), assurent la protection des informations stratégiques et sont déployées au travers d’un réseau de partenaires de distribution, d’intégrateurs et d’opérateurs dans des entreprises de toute taille, des institutions gouvernementales et des organismes de défense partout dans le monde.

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