ARKOON Network Security announces the success of the reserved capital increase which took place between 30th October to 9th October.

This capital increase allows ARKOON Network Security to acquire 100% of SkyRecon Systems shares, a company specialising in Intelligent Endpoint Security.

This acquisition amounts to €2,495,705 for the basic price which could be completed by a sum ranging from 0 to €2,218,404 to be determined in 2010 depending on both companies’ turnover levels in FY 2009.

Success of the reserved capital increase

The Board, meeting on 10th November 2009, observed that the company’s capital stock rose from €4,714,110 to €5,491,228 by the creation and issue of 777,118 new shares with a face value of €1 with an issue premium of €1,554,236, i.e. a unit share price of €3.

For this operation, the financial investment company, VENTECH takes a 9% stake in ARKOON’s capital.

Appointment of Ventech as a new member of the Supervisory Board

In compliance with the decision taken by the Mixed General Meeting dated 30th October 2009, the VENTECH company is appointed as new member of the ARKOON Network Security Supervisory Board for a period of six years. VENTECH will be represented on the board by Ms Claire Houry.

Thierry ROUQUET, Chairman of the Board, declared: “We are happy to welcome the Ventech company as one of our reference shareholders and are convinced that our different experiences will allow us to steer through other projects. We are particularly satisfied to welcome SkyRecon Systems within our Group. ARKOON Network Security thus secures the means to assert its position as a major player in endpoint security solutions: network, communication, data and workstation protection” .