Our partner Commtouch (UTM FAST360 Anti-spam provider) provides his Internet Threats Trend Report Q1 2010:

    • SpamAssassin Y2K10 Bug: SpamAssassin users started the quarter and the new decade with numerous false positives due to a bug in the open source software Page.
    • CNN redirect used by scammers: An ad-serving HTML tag was exploited, directing unsuspecting users to a workfrom-home scam.
    • Service Providers must deal with Zombies: A proposed Internet Industry code of conduct raises the issue of outbound spam.
    • How much spam comes from gmail.com? – The Gmail domain is the most abused by spammers who fake the“from” field in spam emails – but real Gmail accounts are also being used to send spam.
    • How phishers get free Web hosting: A look at the Web categories most likely to be hosting a hidden phishing page.
    • Delivery invoices and etickets: An analysis of the most common subjects used in emails carrying malware as well as common malware functionality

Analyzing Spam Templates:

       We observe some of the techniques used by spammers and review new research published this quarter.