Paris, 1st of October 2015– Arkoon Netasq, a subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space and a key player in the European cyber security market, and Schneider Electric, one of the world’s leading providers of automation solutions and SCADA systems, have joined forces to integrate the Stormshield cyber security solutions into the industrial infrastructures and networks operated by the latter. Thanks to the two companies’ collaboration, customers in this sector will benefit from unrivalled, customised security solutions.

Organisations and companies face a growing number of targeted attacks, with potentially critical effects. Security is not only a question of information safety but of safe operations of e.g. production sites or power networks. Accordingly, the latest developments to emerge from the cyber security sector in terms of regulatory policy backed by the French National Agency for Information System Security (ANSSI) include the recommendation for companies to secure their infrastructures, preferably by using trusted software and equipment.

To keep pace with these developments, Schneider Electric has called upon Arkoon Netasq, a cyber security expert whose trusted solutions are certified by ANSSI as level EAL4+. Schneider Electric is particularly interested in the complementary nature of Arkoon Netasq’s products in terms of both network protection (Stormshield Network Security) and workstation and server protection (Stormshield Endpoint Security). Thanks to their expertise in the field of industrial systems, the cyber security teams at Schneider Electric are able to integrate these solutions into all kinds of infrastructures, including the most sensitive ones such as sites with a ‘Seveso’ classification.

“By pooling our respective competencies, Arkoon Netasq is able to tailor its unrivalled cyber security products for industrial applications as well. Integrating the Stormshield products will make Schneider Electric the first provider to offer its customers unique cyber security solutions for industrial networks,” says Pierre Calais, Head of Arkoon Netasq.

About Stormshield (Arkoon Netasq)

Arkoon Netasq, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, runs the Stormshield brand and offers innovative end-to-end security solutions worldwide to protect networks (Stormshield Network Security), workstations (Stormshield Endpoint Security) and data (Stormshield Data Security). These next-generation trusted solutions, certified at the highest level in Europe (EU RESTRICTED, NATO and ANSSI EAL4+), ensure the protection of strategic information and are deployed through a partner network of distributors, integrators and operators in businesses of all sizes, government institutions and defense organizations worldwide.



Note to editors

Terminal security – Stormshield Endpoint Security

Stormshield Endpoint Security guarantees the comprehensive protection of servers, workstations and terminals.

Information security – Stormshield Data Security

Stormshield Data Security allows users to collaborate securely, regardless of the terminal or application they are using.

Network security – Stormshield Network Security

The Stormshield Network Security range of appliances monitors high-speed networks and protects them from all threats.