Following François Lavaste’s recent nomination to the position of President of the Board-CEO of NETASQ and Arkoon, a new step is taken today in the convergence which both companies have initiated since their recent affiliation to Cassidian CyberSecurity.


Charlotte Graire joins NETASQ and Arkoon as VP Worldwide Sales & Marketing.

Charlotte Graire will take over the management of international sales and marketing communication for both NETASQ and Arkoon. She was previously Director of Strategy and Marketing at Orsyp, a company specializing in the management of IT operations. In the scope of her functions, she was most notably in charge of developing new business in 11 countries and directed two external expansion operations. She began her career at Evidian, a security software publisher, then joined Bull as Sales Director for Europe where she created and directed a storage business unit in partnership with EMC and NetApp. Charlotte Graire is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique Féminine.


Pierre Calais has been promoted to Deputy CEO – COO of NETASQ and Arkoon.

Pierre Calais has since the beginning of 2008 occupied the post of Vice President for Engineering and Operations and member of NETASQ’s board of directors.  As Deputy CEO-COO of NETASQ and Arkoon, he will join Arkoon’s board of directors and work closely with François Lavaste who will be able to carry over his efforts in strategic definition and the convergence project between NETASQ and Arkoon to Cassidian CyberSecurity. As someone who has always been intrigued the challenges of information security and information technology in general, he was previously an engineer with Bull and subsequently Dassault Electronique, before going on to be a project manager with Cadence Design System. This was followed by a stint as a manager at EMS Documentum, then as a CTO at Zencod. For the three years before he joined NETASQ, he had been the CEO of NetSecureOne. Pierre Calais has a Master’s in Physics and holds a DEA (French equivalent of a Master’s) in microelectronics and microcomputing from the Paris Diderot University (Université Paris 7).

François Lavaste, President of the Board-CEO of NETASQ and Arkoon declared “We are proud to announce the arrival of Charlotte Graire and the promotion of Pierre Calais to our Executive Committee. NETASQ and Arkoon have a proven solid positioning in the information security market and today, we are strengthening our organization to be more prepared than ever to deploy end-to-end security solutions at the cutting edge of innovation and with performance that keeps improving. We are arming ourselves with all these advantages to stand out as “the” trusted partner and local service for enterprises and government bodies seeking to rely on security solutions that guarantee active protection from attacks that continue to grow more complex.”