Our cloud service for your workstation security

To respond to companies’ increasingly significant flexibility needs, all the while guaranteeing their optimum security, Stormshield is now offering a Cloud version of its Endpoint Security solution.

Benefit from optimum security and peace of mind

Hosted on the Cloud, the Cloud version of the Stormshield Endpoint Security (SES) platform is even easier to deploy to protect your machinery.

Our Cloud service offers you an optimum security solution which companies can use on even the most sensitive of data. You can rest assured that your workers – whether they’re on the move or not – will have increased security and proactive and permanent protection.

When used autonomously, however, our solution can also be used in addition to either an Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) technology or an anti-virus.

You are therefore free from any infrastructure constraints (such as integration, servers and software licenses) and gain a great deal with respect to flexibility and versatility.

Save time and money by entrusting an expert with your security management operations

With the Cloud version of Stormshield Endpoint Security, our retail partners take over all aspects of both the management and the monitoring of your infrastructure. They also manage all those elements associated with security, such as log surveillance, investigative work and security policy adjustment (outsourcing).

So you can simply:

  • Leave complete installation of the solution to our partner.
  • Stop wasting time stressing out over managing your terminals’ and workstations’ operational security maintenance features.
  • Avoid paying recruitment and skills transfer costs internally simply to manage your security solution.

By delegating this type of administrative work to a certified partner, you can now concentrate on the most important aspects of your role and create even more added value for your business.

See the product datasheet for SES Cloud version

Why trust Stormshield Endpoint Security?

Based on a unique behavioural technology, our Endpoint Security solution has for a number of years now been positioned under the Visionary label by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

Deployed several times on more than 100,000 workstations, Stormshield Endpoint Security is both recognised and widely used on the European and American continents and is also suitable for SMEs and large authorities alike.

Our current partners in all four corners of the globe have been certified by Stormshield and will give you the very best advice so as to optimise your company’s security in the Cloud.

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