Welcome to your Fast360 area !

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The purpose of this page is to help you become familiar with your new appliance.

It contains all the information, tools and links you need to be completely at ease with your UTM: the license used to activate the contracts associated with your UTM; end-user licensing agreement; UTM administration tools; and a startup configuration guide.

The servicing contracts (updates, security service, etc.) need a license to work. Retrieve this license and reference your solution by connecting to the site: http://license.arkoon.net

Once you complete the registration procedure, you:
– have a temporary/definitive license;
– are covered by the warranty and receive information about available security patches.

To register your appliance, make sure you have the following:
– temporary license certificate with the activation key or registration key;
– appliance serial number
– in some cases, the license-request file (.akr file); see §9 of the startup configuration guide.

End-user licensing agreement
Before the product can be used, Arkoon grants its customers, under conditions defined in the Licensing Contract, a license to use the proprietor software developed by Arkoon, and integrated in the product.

Startup configuration guide
Once your product has been referenced, you can access your secure Customer Area (http://client.arkoon.net/ ).

You can also download, in this area:
– The administration tools for your UTM
– All updates for Arkoon product lines;
– Details of their content in the Release Notes and knowledge base;
– Training videos;
– Up-to-date documentation

For more information, contact the Arkoon technical support: http://client.arkoon.net/